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Travaughn, a Menifee, California rapper with roots in Houston, Texas. An artistically gifted artist who from an early age recognized that music was the very rhythm of life transcending all barriers; defying labels, genres and stereotypes.

With a strong family foundation supporting his artistic aspirations, Travaughn set out on a journey to manifest his awareness of his world and his place within it through music. His creations are artistic reflections of how he engages the world around him and of the realities he experiences.

Influenced by early hip-hop, rap and R&B visionaries such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, Ludacris and TLC; Travaughn’s sound and style is diverse and incorporates the rock influence of bands such as Linkin Park and Evanescence and the smooth, melodic and impactful soul and funk of The Temptations and the Isley Brothers.

Travaughn takes the sounds that influence him and shape and mold them to his style of expression incorporating and layering onto it his distinct rhythm and powerful, soul tugging poetry. His recent project, “Welcome to Infinity” recognizes and acknowledges the seismic shift we are experiencing as a society; a shift that recognizes a new and profound need to show love for others, for ourselves and to cease acting from a place of judgement. Travaughn is writing the soundtrack for a new consciousness and his work is the nascent origin of a new style of music that will surely shape generations to come and how musically they will express themselves.

His newest single, “Man of the People” is sheer power - a creative power that elevates self-confidence and assurance. It is the musical and artistic embodiment of self-awareness that we are made for great things. The self-awareness and self-esteem that are central elements of personal freedom and of overcoming. Travaughn is writing the score guiding us there.

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